Academics Modules

These have the offline and online class management tools. This includes links to online classes or contents, online assignments, online exam and results publish besides the standard academic modules.

Time Table -

  • Automatically generate class timetable periods for each class as per the general settings
  • Automatically checks and prevents faculty scheduling overlaps and takes into consideration different constraints of the staff
  • Considers staff substitution in case a staff is on leave
  • Options to plan periods as theory/lab and other activities as combined period with groups. Also multiple courses can be combined to a single class (for language as an example)

Student Attendance -

  • Shows on dashboard attendance records and % of each student for any given period of time
  • Automatic SMS is set to send to the parents of students not attending the class.
  • Find attendance status about a class or classes not marked attendance (Information available for the principal to monitor)Integrate with RFID or biometric based attendance system and capture the attendance
  • Subject-wise attendance % reports available
  • Option to have special class attendance also

Syllabus Management -

  • Provision to create and post syllabus and lesson plans online for any class
  • Syllabus can be viewed online by all stakeholders for reference
  • The reference books and links to the lessons can be given against the lessons
  • Provision to view the progress of syllabus coverage by principal/teacher/student/parent login

Online Test Management-

  • Can create a set of MCQ questions for a selected course/class, scheme and subject
  • Question editor able to insert pictures for creating a diagram based questions
  • Option to enter the marks (weightage) for that question, the answer key and also solution/working for answer
  • An exam admin should be able create a question paper instance by selecting a set of questions from question bank
  • Time-based exam with clock on top and expires after the schedule.
  • Prevent accessing other windows while attempting the tests

Homework/ Assignment -

  • Teachers can plan and create assignments for students online
  • Students can submit the assignments online and get reminders to submit
  • Teachers can evaluate assignments and submit marks and track submissions online
  • Assignments can be mapped to various subjects, lessons, classes and sections

Online Class Integration -

The online (virtual class) using platforms like Zoom, Google etc can be linked to the time-table so that the students can click the link and enter the virtual class room without much effort.

Lesson (Content) Management System (CMS) -

  • The lessons can be arranged as per the syllabus as class, subject, topics and lessons.
  • The learning objectives and outcomes and description can be captured for each lessons
  • The various types of resources to learn the lesson like PPT, PDF, Images and Video links can be stored and retrieved by teachers and students

Examination Management -

  • Create exams (of different types) internal or board , theory or practical etc
  • Create exam timetable for each course and publish it to all stakeholders
  • Provision to generate automatic roll numbers and hall-tickets
  • Allocate the examination centers/halls/invigilators- (Planned)
  • View and issue mark lists of student for all the subjects of a examination of a semester/course
  • Publish the marks/grade/rank list on dashboards
  • Provision to enter the attendance of the students attended a given examination

Learning Assessment -

  • Create exams and for different subjects the teachers can do learning assessments
  • The assessments can be done for multiple activities (like for example listening skills, writing skills)
  • The assessments can be based on grading system or marks system with mapping of marks with grades

Report Cards -

  • Report cards can be generated and downloaded for a given exam or more than one exams (like final exam)
  • The results of the co-curricular assessments can be a part of the report card along with the formative and summative exam marks
  • Report cards can have embedded images and graphs and download in PDF format from the parent login or mobile App
  • The Report card publish can be with-held if required for selected students

Survey/Poll Module -

Have a student survey where questions and weightage marks can be assigned and used for this purpose now

Performance Dashboard -

Full fledged graphical dashboard of student attendance and performance on the student/parent login dashboards

Remarks on Students -

  • Teachers can send positive or negative remarks about a student directly to the parents using the internal messaging.
  • The message will show up in the parent login dashboard only and not viewable by the students
  • To capture the disciplinary issues of a student, plan and track the action items to improve.

Library Management -

  • Powerful book search feature using various attributes/parameters for online
  • Check-in and check-out the books using barcode reader (optional)
  • Manage and track list of books in stock and in circulation
  • Automatic generation of late fee on books returned after due date
  • Alert notifications to students / faculties on book renewals and expiry of book return date
  • Can set the poicies of fine and issue permissions of certain book to certain groups only
  • Can track the usage of books and also suggest new books

Parent Login -

  • Each parents/student is sent a SMS of user ID and password to access it
  • Homepage as graphical charts/dashboards of performance and attendance
  • Receive remarks about child as messages from teachers & can reply
  • Calendar of Holidays and Events are readily accessible anytime
  • Exam Time-table / marks of class tests/FAs and Report Cards
  • Report of class attendance day-wise, monthly with % Attendance (graphical)
  • Option to see the fee card and paid fee details and pay fees online
  • See the lessons to be covered monthly and weekly as per the syllabus and access the notes/references related to lesson online
  • The general feedback about school to management can be posted

Student Login (Quick access to their attendance and performance)

Full fledged graphical dashboard of student attendance and performance on the student/parent login dashboards

Mobile App for Parents (Everything integrated at the touch of one’s hand)

  • Send eNotice to parents with alert
  • Send Homework to students with alerts
  • Broadcast Messages and 1x1 reply
  • Send lesson contents and HW as Voice, PDFs, PPTs, XL
  • Fees Details / Online Payment
  • Download the Exam Reportcards