Why Partner With Us?

We bring End-to-End IT Solutions to educational institutions with a vision to automate and simplify their operations and a clear understanding of their needs. Our solutions are carefully crafted to world standard and can support every institution’s needs at an affordable price. With @Campus Education ERP software, we bring huge business opportunities for our partners to expand their business with a proven solution and easily sellable tools. We provide full support to the partners who wish to market our Education ERP software, at the same time uphold business ethics and values, and share the benefits and revenues with the partners.

Types of Partnerships

Referral Partners: In this model of partnership, the partner will refer and recommend our solution to a prospective customer and help to set up an appointment to meet or do a demo. Following which the whole pre-sales, sales and post sales process will be taken care of by the @Campus team. This is the minimum level of engagement of partnership with minimal earning opportunities.

Reseller Partners: In this model, the partner will introduce the product to the prospective customer, do a detailed demo and close the sales. Post sales implementation and support will be done by the @Campus team. This is the medium level of engagement of partnership with standard earning opportunities.

Value Added Partners: In this model, the partner will carry out the same activities as a Reseller partner but will additionally also do the first level support for the ERP implementation, and post live support with the help of the @Campus backend team. This model has the maximum level of engagement of partnership as well as maximum earning opportunities.


If you have any questions regarding the partnership program, we are happy to help.


Partners for Hybrid Classes – PeopleLink, Hyderabad, Europe
Video conferencing allows students who cannot participate in the physical class to join remotely using a desktop or mobile. It offers sophisticated video conferencing features like screen sharing, annotation, meeting recording and more. Also available are autofocusing PTZ cameras (which follows the lecturers), special high range microphones, and digital signal processing amplifiers to filter out the background noise and echo of the class room hall for the students attending the class remotely and give the same experience as sitting in the classroom.

Partners for Biometrics Integration – ESSL, Bangalore
eSSL is India’s Pioneer and Most trusted Biometrics brand since inception. Biometrics provides more security and at the same time it is easy to use and maintain. The face recognition machine is very fast and is better suited for Covid-19 environments to avoid physical contacts for attendance.

Partners for Hardware and Networking– Izar Technologies, Karnataka, Kerala
All types of hardware installations including the desktops, printers, projectors, LED screens etc as well as for the LAN Switches, Routers and leased line implementation.

Partners for SAP Integration – Suneratech, Hyderabad , India / USA / ME
The Finance and Student Lifecycle Management component of the SAP Higher Education & Research solution enables cost-effective management of higher education by providing functions that cover the planning, academic & administration and many more core processes of universities.

Partners for Tally Integration - Unique Waves, Bangalore, India
Have the educational institution data integrated with Accounting Feature as per Indian Government Standards. All the finance data including the Fees, Payroll, Purchases can be posted to the accounts (Tally) and generate the finance reports

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