These cover the enquiry management, online application and fee payment, admissions. It also covers management of Transport, Hostel, Meeting/Visitor, File, Service Desk

Admissions (Online) -

  • Students/Parents can purchase/fill the application forms online and make the payment using payment gateway (optional)
  • Students/Parents can see the Remarks/Status of the application online instead of going to Institution to find out the same
  • Administrators can get the consolidated report of the applied students
  • Admission in-charge will get a graphical dashboard of the overall admission progress in terms of number of seats, quotas vacant, applied for, filled etc
  • SMS alerts (optional) for every admission request submitted
  • Can set filters based (using custom report generator) on the admission criteria to get the first level of short-listed candidates
  • The Institution Administration can customize the forms for their Institution needs by using the highly configurable application forms of @CAMPUS.

Enquiry Management -

  • Option to capture the details of customers/ enquiries including the enquiry sources
  • To track the enquiries and follow up them in multiple stages to closure.
  • Measure the success rates of enquiries and marketing people

Transport Management -

  • Very advanced transport with options for selecting even seats for buses, routes and timings etc. Also can compare the income and expenses of buses, send reminders of renewals, take attendance of buses etc.
  • Bus fees are directly linked to registration and permits different pickup/drop points for the same students.
  • Automatic triggering of fee for temporary enrollment/withdrawal of transport. Even external users can be registered for transportation.

Hostel Management -

  • Hostel is very advanced with options to allocate cots in multiple types of rooms and also the provision for hostel attendance and sending SMS to warden or management of missing students report as well as to parents.
  • Also the option to collect the details of exit and entry while going home from the hostel. Besides there is an option to allocate the resident students some money in their wallet and to track it.
  • xAlso have separate processes for room shifting or opting out of the hostel, directly reflecting in the fee .

Meeting Management -

  • This is a very useful tool to manage the meetings of staff and management in an institution.
  • It can be used to schedule a meeting with an agenda, and send the request to invitees as email or internal messages, capturing the minutes of the meeting. Later can be used to track the action items also (plan for future)

File Management -

  • Provision to enter file/mail item related data such as sender and receiver details, dates in an input form and attach related files (optional) and store the information in the system
  • Users will be able to search file/mail items based on various search parameters and thus track with whom the file is currently.
  • Users will be able to generate different report types with appropriate field items like the file name, ID, issued to, date, return date, received by etc.

Service Desk -

To raise the services required from Helpdesk, IT department etc as a ticket and track it to closure.