HR Management Modules

These are the HR related modules which covers everything from staff recruitment, staff leave and attendance management, performance, payroll, staff login and internal communication

Staff Recruitment -

  • Application process for the open/new positions
  • Multi-level approval workflow for approving open positions
  • Get a graphical dashboard of the overall open/closed positions

Staff Attendance -

  • Option to set individual staff level shifts, weekends and holidays.
  • Dashboard of staff attendance linked to the leave applied or not and to the time-table for principal to manage the substitutions
  • Link the attendance to the payroll and LOP

Staff Biometric -

Works with ESSL, Spektra and STL. However, has no support issues from ESSL for integration.

Staff Leave Management -

  • Different type of Staff leave are settable at individual or dept/designation levels
  • Individual Staff leave details can be seen from the login and can apply for leave online and can set the approvers who can apply online.

Staff Performance Survey -

  • Can create surveys about the staff to be taken by other staff and students.
  • Can collect the 360 degree confidential feedback about a staff through survey for performance review
  • Comparative graphical performance report to see the relative ratings of the staff

Staff Payroll -

  • Easy to add the different salary and other components including Medical, LTA etc
  • Can make reports for PF , Medical, Income tax reports
  • Integrated with the leave management system to take care of loss-of-pay leaves
  • OT, Advance Salary or Loan can also be handled by the payroll

Staff Login -

  • From the Time-table click and enter online class, attendance, special classes or request substitution
  • Access/track lesson plans, resources as per syllabus
  • Test paper creation, correction & marks entry
  • Attendance entry, % calculations and reporting
  • Instantly Communicate with parents/students using WhatsApp like messaging with attachments